In order to protect the privacy of our clients, and in the interests of confidentiality, all identifying information has been removed. References are available at the later stages of any discussion about working together.

“Lewis and his team at Cashtream Marketing have turned our email list into a new source of revenue. And they’ve done that while we receive awesome feedback from our customers: our customers keep asking us to send them more emails! I know any company will have awesome results by working with them.”
— Alonso, CEO and Founder of a Luxury Glassware Brand

“Lewis Bassett and the Cashstream team are absolutely phenomenal. I’ve partnered with them for strategy, copywriting, email campaigns and Facebook ads — and we’ve had success across every medium. What separates Lewis from other marketers is his deep understanding of human behavior and his unwillingness to compromise on quality. I’ve worked with Lewis for over 3 years and would recommend him and his team to anyone.”
— Ron, Author and Consultant

“Working with Lewis [managing director and copy chief of Cashstream] has been a great decision for me. Lewis is extremely thoughtful about learning my business, creating a voice that resonates with my clients, and developing ideas that connect the two together. He also is easy to work with, very responsive to any requests, clear about his plans, and amenable to changes. And most importantly, his work brings results.”
— Alan, CEO & Founder of a Publishing Company

“I’ve now known Lewis [managing director and copy chief of Cashstream] for over 2 years, and have recently hired him to do a substantial part of the marketing for Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. Lewis began with the most detailed, insightful, and eye-opening competitive analysis I have ever seen. It has put me on the path to making some important changes in how we market, our unique selling proposition, and more. Lewis has also been managing all our email marketing communications to our list, bring in well over 200 new leads in the past 2 months, which will translate into $50,000+ in new business over the next year, at a minimum. Hiring him was the best decision we’ve made this year, without a doubt. I’m looking forward to expanding his role within the company in the near term, and enjoying 6 figure growth in the next 12 months because of his research-based insights and marketing. I can give no higher recommendation than to say that when you work with Lewis, you’ll find he’s a consummate professional, has a tremendous and enviable work ethic, and is capable of finding insights into your business that are commonly reserved for people with 10+ years experience in your industry.”
— Richard, CEO & Founder of a Services Company

“When it comes to Marketing and Copywriting Consulting Lewis [managing director and copy chief of Cashstream] has got an endless supply of advice to give. Having dealt with him personally, his key insights on Email and Content Strategies helped me out to make loads of valuable connections. A strong will melted down with resolute dedication and passion for his job guarantee excellent outcomes for whoever he happens to deal with.”
— Elena, Principal of a Recruiting Consultancy

“Lewis [managing director and copy chief of Cashstream] is a truly gifted writer/copywriter. I highly recommend him. He’s both researched and intuitive. I was very impressed with Lewis’s ability to grasp the material I gave him. I was equally impressed with his ability to translate the material in such an effective manner. I will definitely contact Lewis for future projects and very much look forward to working with him again.”
— Michelle, Author

“Lewis Bassett [managing director and copy chief of Cashstream] is a master in his field. His creativity lends itself to a campaign that is both interesting and thought provoking, and one that calls an audience to action. The autoresponder campaign he created for my business is BEYOND what I had wished for. It’s amazing how Lewis is able to get into the reader’s mind, identify their ‘pain points’, and inspire a sense of decisive urgency. Not only has Lewis’s work aligned with my business philosophy and long-term vision, he worked closely with me every step along the way and made my project a priority in his schedule. He submitted his work in advance of my requested timeline, and even set up my pre-scheduled campaign in AWeber. If your goal is to attract more business and work with more ideal clients, Lewis is the best person to help you achieve both. His creativity, ideas, and professionalism are simply beyond measure. It is my sincere pleasure to provide my recommendation of Lewis’s talent and expertise. I look forward to continuing our work together for a long time to come and will refer my clients and colleagues for all their copywriting needs.”
— Jaimie, Owner of a Virtual Assistant Agency