Service Summary

We turn one-time transactions into repeat customers, by writing and sending regular “infotainment” content in order to build long-term relationships and maximise cash earnings. We do this in a way that enhances our clients’ brand equity and creates goodwill, which allows our work to result in long-term increases to our clients’ earning power.

Why is this valuable?

In many markets, intense competitive pressure has bid up advertising costs to the point where it is difficult to break-even from the first sale, let alone earn a profit. Our work increases customer lifetime value, allowing our clients to spend more aggressively on advertising and invest in other areas of their business. In short, it provides an economic advantage.

Typically, our clients:

  • Operate in a competitive market;
  • Offer a complex, expensive, and/or intangible product (although this is not always the case);
  • Already have a list of customers, prospects, or suspects (although we can help build a new list from scratch);
  • Are happy to “rent” a marketing system that delivers the results they need without adding to their fixed costs, so that they can focus on their core competency and invest in other areas of their business;
  • See themselves as thought leaders, and are willing to lift their head above the parapet and distinguish themselves from other industry peers through the content they publish.

Services we offer:

  • Industry and market research, competitive analysis, and formulation of marketing strategy
  • Building house lists, either through advertising, affiliate marketing, or working with a list broker
  • List management (i.e. planning, writing, and sending “infotainment” content across multiple channels, including email, direct mail, SMS, and Facebook Messenger, collecting statistics, analysing results, and reporting)
  • Copywriting and consultancy

Our fees are based on performance — usually a percentage of cash earnings that our work generates, after deducting advertising expense and cost of goods sold. We shoulder the risks and fixed costs of building and maintaining a marketing system; by “renting” our work from us, our clients pay only for the results.

Next steps: