Mission and Values

Our mission is to use our expertise in relationship marketing to help businesses turn their customer and prospect relationships into dependable cash flow, while building brand equity and creating goodwill.

Anyone can send a few aggressive emails to a list of email addresses and generate a short-term boost in sales, but sustaining an increase in earning power over the long run requires that we follow some important guiding principles:

  1. We evaluate our performance using objective measures
    Everything we do is measured by one metric — earnings per subscriber — which we measure on a monthly basis and aim to maximise over the long term. Although “soft” elements of marketing, like branding and engagement, play an important role, we believe that our work in these areas should materialise as increased earnings.
  2. We never forget that our clients’ customers and prospects are real people
    The people who read our emails must never be treated as a means to an end, but, rather, as an end in themselves. We invest a lot of time in understanding their needs, so that we can provide them with information, entertainment, and inspiration that helps them meet these needs, even if they are not ready to buy. This is how we create goodwill.
  3. We only make money when our clients make money
    All of our fees are either commission-based or else derived in some way as an equitable percentage of the earnings that our work generates. When clients sign our cheques, they do so with a smile on their face.
  4. We always err on the side of conservatism
    Brands take years to build and, in the age of the internet, minutes to destroy. We choose our words — including those that are written between the lines — very carefully, and we never send out anything until it has been approved by our client. We are also mindful that our emails are often read by other stakeholders, including employees, partners, suppliers, even competitors, and that what we say could impact important business relationships.
  5. We are discrete about our work
    Although samples of our work and references are available upon request, we do not publicly identify our clients or talk about any aspect of our work that might compromise the confidentiality we offer.