Founded in 2012
Cashstream originally started life as a solo consulting business, trading under Lewis Bassett & Associates Ltd. As a freelance copywriter, Lewis Bassett (Cashstream’s managing director) wrote sales letters, video presentations, webinars, landing pages, emails, and other direct response marketing pieces for online publishers based in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. He mentored under an “A-list” direct response copywriter who worked on retainer for one of the world’s largest financial publishers, and was, while he was freelancing, the most expensive copywriter on both Elance and oDesk.

Email Marketing and List Management
In 2013, Mr. Bassett took over the management of one of his client’s lists and began sending daily “infotainment” emails, resulting in a near immediate increase in monthly earnings by 54%. Over the next few years, this became his specialization, and he built a small support team around this new email marketing and list management operation. Between 2014 and the end of 2017, we sent out 113.6 million emails to more than 1 million people — allowing us to develop and perfect our own unique method for marketing to lists of customers, prospects, and even suspects.

Relationship Marketing
After managing several email lists for more than three years, we came to appreciate the critical role that brand plays in driving long-term revenue growth and building a “moat” against competition. Our email marketing service evolved into a full-service relationship marketing program that also made use of direct mail and social media. In 2017, we re-incorporated as Cashstream Marketing Ltd — the first relationship marketing firm in the world to combine the power of aggressive direct response salesmanship and long-term brand building.