About Us

Cashstream (Cashstream Marketing Ltd) is a relationship marketing firm based in London.

We help businesses in the English-speaking world turn their customer and prospect relationships into dependable cash flow, while building brand equity and creating goodwill. We do this by writing and sending regular “infotainment” content.

Founded in 2012 (as Lewis Bassett & Associates Ltd), we originally provided marketing consultancy and copywriting services to publishing businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries. Over the next few years, we came to specialise in relationship marketing — first through email and then through other channels, including direct mail and social media — for the simple reason that relationship marketing, as a strategy, has repeatedly proven itself to be the one of the most dependable ways to drive organic revenue growth. We now work with clients in at least nine countries across more than a dozen different industries.

A few interesting facts:

  • We mostly work with businesses that operate in hyper-competitive markets.
  • On a typical day, approximately 495,000 people receive one of our emails or direct mail pieces.
  • Our clients often receive email replies from their subscribers thanking them for sending regular advertising.
  • The best email we ever wrote was sent to a list of 26,000 “cold” lawyers (i.e. most of them had never heard of our client); it earned an estimated $21,240 in revenue from just one mailing.
  • We offer a confidential service to our clients.