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A better strategy for marketing through Facebook?

16th August 2017 by Lewis Bassett

There’s an interesting story in this week’s Antiques Trade Gazette – and it provides an instructive example of a problem that many marketers, even those that operate in more conservative industries, experience when they advertise on Facebook. Fine Art Bourse is a relatively new auction house. (It was founded by Tim Goodman, the former chairman […]

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Do customers care about your USP?

9th August 2017 by Lewis Bassett

I used to live a stone’s throw from the Colosseum in Rome. Sometimes, in the evenings (often while pondering marketing problems), I’d walk around the perimeter and try to imagine what that place would have been like two-thousand years ago when gladiators would fight to the death. Terrifying, probably. Sometimes, gladiators would kill each other […]

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The dark side of relationship marketing

28th July 2017 by Lewis Bassett

Over the last three four years, we’ve worked with – either directly (i.e. they were our clients) or indirectly (i.e. they were our clients’ partners) – several dozen businesses that were heavy relationship marketers. Some of these businesses were sending more than 2.5 million emails per month. On at least three occasions, I witnessed a […]

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The biggest benefit of relationship marketing

17th June 2017 by Lewis Bassett

Today, I want to talk about the most important benefit of relationship marketing. We’ve written a lot about increasing revenue, accelerating inventory turnover, and boosting customer loyalty – but this benefit is, strategically speaking, further reaching and can, over the medium to long term, radically alter your competitive position. What is this benefit? Increased customer […]

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Suspects vs. prospects vs. customers

7th June 2017 by Lewis Bassett

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Customers are people who have entered into an exchange with you; prospects are people who have expressed an interest in entering into an exchange; and suspects are people who you believe could be interested in entering into an exchange.

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Why email?

2nd June 2017 by Lewis Bassett

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Social media is great for building awareness and “picking up” new people,  but email is how turn a new connection into someone who knows, likes, and trusts your brand.

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Images vs. story for selling furniture

1st March 2017 by Lewis Bassett

This blog post contains a marketing insight I wanted to share. It doesn’t just apply to email re-marketing. It’s a broader principle you can use on your website, brochures, even showroom material – to drive up sales and referrals. On Tuesday, Irina and I visited a furniture manufacturer out in the country. I won’t say […]

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