About Us

Cashstream Marketing Ltd

Our mission is to use our expertise in relationship marketing to help businesses turn their lists of customers, prospects, and suspects into a sustainable revenue stream that fuels long-term growth.

Anyone can send a few aggressive emails to a list of email addresses and generate a short-term boost in sales, but sustaining a revenue stream over the long run requires that we follow some important guiding principles:

  1. Our primary goal is to generate cash – or, at the very least, healthy revenue that will turn into cash quickly – and our primary metric is earnings per subscriber per month. We add together all the sales that we can attribute to the work we do in marketing to a client’s list, and we divide that figure by the total number of subscribers on the list. This gives as a fair yardstick for benchmarking our performance.

  2. We generate this increased revenue by providing our clients’ customers, prospects, and suspects with information, entertainment, and inspiration that helps them meet their most important needs. This creates goodwill. However, more importantly, if done right it also creates increased demand for our clients’ offerings.

  3. The fee for our core service is commission-based. When clients sign our cheques, we want them to do so with a smile on their face, knowing that we have earned our keep many times over. (This arrangement also results in a clear alignment of interests. If we help to raise the tide, it lifts us all together.)

  4. Our first priority is to protect and reinforce our clients’ brands. This requires a high degree of sensitivity for what we communicate, both explicitly and implicitly, and how it is received.

  5. We also endeavour to understand and look out for the interests of other stakeholders, including: employees, partners, advertising platforms, media, suppliers, etc. (They sometimes monitor the emails you send and what you say, or don’t say, to subscribers can impact your relationships with them too.)