About Us

Cashstream Marketing Ltd

Management Team


Lewis Bassett
Managing Director

Nationality: British

Background: Started his marketing career as a freelance copywriter and a consultant, helping publishing companies around the world implement relationship marketing to their lists of past customers and prospects.

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Ana-Irina Bassett
Operations Director

Nationality: Romanian

Background: Irina has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology. In 2011 she co-founded a creative agency in Bucharest, Romania) providing marketing and design services to small and medium size firms.

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We’re both members of the Institute of Directors and the American Marketing Association.

In everything we do, we adhere to the five tenets of the Direct Marketing Association:

  1. Putting customers first (our own and our clients’);
  2. Respecting privacy;
  3. Being honest and fair;
  4. Being diligent with data;
  5. Taking responsibility;
  6. Being attentive of legislation and codes.