Relationship Marketing

Turn your list of customers, prospects, or suspects into a sustainable revenue stream, strengthen your brand, and drive long-term business growth.

Who can we help?

Relationship marketing tends to be most effective in industries that are characterised by high-involvement purchase behaviour.

We currently serve the following industries:

  • Antique dealers
  • Furniture retailers and manufacturers
  • Professional services
  • Self-improvement products and services

Case Study: Legal Marketing Firm Increases Revenue from $1.0m to $1.9m in Fifteen Months

After five years of gradual growth, Speakeasy Marketing needed a more scalable way to generate leads and grow its business. Our four-point relationship marketing strategy turned its list of suspects into a dependable stream of new leads and drove an 87% increase in revenue over fifteen months. [Read Full Case Study »]

"Lewis Bassett [Managing Director of Cashstream] is a huge asset to my business. He has an indomitable work ethic, produces great writing, and when he researches the market he’ll find out more than you know – and I don’t care how long you’ve been in business. He’s a critical partner of the business now."
Richard Jacobs


Since 2015, we have sent 37.4 million marketing emails to more than 394,000 consumers and businesses around the world. Along the way, we developed a four-point strategy.

Understanding needs and wants

Behind almost every need and want is a deeper need that is more important to the market than most of your competitors realise. If your marketing speaks to these needs, it will be more compelling.

Engaging with infotainment

The idea is to make sure that every email is intrinsically valuable. Even if a subscriber does not take action or buy something, the content you share with them brings joy and value into their life, creating trust.

Selling as a service

You do not push subscribers into completing a lead-capture form or buying something; you invite them with their interests at heart. Every email ends with an tasteful invitation to take the next step.

Analyse results and adapt

Track sales from every email. Over time, you will see that some emails perform spectacularly. If you can understand why, you can adapt your message and offerings to make them more effective.

What About Your Business?

If you have a list of suspects, prospects, or customers, we can probably turn that list into a dependable revenue stream. Schedule a complimentary 45-minute strategy session, and we can analyse your situation and needs, and see what kind of results are possible.

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